Selling Your Film with Vimeo’s Help

Distribution is oftentimes that final hurdle indie filmmakers just can’t quite overcome. But as digital production has changed the industry, it’s had a trickle-down effect on distribution. Since YouTube’s inception in 2005, the way we consume media has changed. Today, online distribution is commonplace. The question facing filmmakers now is how to do online distribution correctly.

That’s where Vimeo steps in. This month, they released a free handbook that contains a bunch of great insight from filmmakers, distributors, and industry pros. Obviously Vimeo’s VOD Selling Handbook is geared toward the company’s own VOD platform, Vimeo on Demand. Based on our experiences, it’s the route you should take.

Vimeo does a great job of laying out how to get your project online and making money on the site. It’s a relatively short read at just 14 pages, and it’s full of helpful images and graphs for all of you visual learners. It also contains “Pro Tips”, which show how professional filmmakers have used Vimeo on Demand to distribute their own work.

And if you’re thinking this guide can’t help you because you’re looking for options other than Vimeo on Demand, Vimeo’s guide still offers tons of great stuff that isn’t exclusively related to their platform. Tips like writing interesting descriptions of your film, making your profile page look inviting, and adding bonus features can easily translate to other platforms that offer similar services.

Check out Vimeo’s blog post here to download your very own free copy of Vimeo’s Selling Handbook.