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February 12, 2022

Super Bowl Ads for 2022 – The Best and Worse

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day of the year that television viewers look forward to commercials. From the legendary 1984 ad for Apple Macintosh computers to E-Trade babies and...


January 5, 2022

Production Incentives Update: How 2022 is Shaping Up

Whether they are a financial godsend or a revenue burden to states, production continues to boom because of film incentives and tax credits. However, the challenge for any producer...


December 25, 2021

COVID Testing for Production in the Age of Omicron

Nearly two years into the pandemic, COVID testing is an essential part of production as companies of all sizes look to comply with protocols, keep sets safe and contain...


November 29, 2021

The Role of a Producer

Production is complicated process, especially in the advertising world. Beyond the challenging budgets, logistics and schedules, there’s the added responsibility of working with clients.  Timeframes are challenging. Creative might...


August 22, 2021

The Role of a Fixer

Ever heard of a Fixer? You might have heard them referred to as a Production Coordinator or local Producer but the term originated in journalism. New correspondents in an...


June 9, 2021

The Role of a Cinematographer

You love movies (and who doesn’t), so you’ve decided you want to be a Cinematographer. Great! But what does a Cinematographer actually do? If you say shooting with a...


April 30, 2021

On Set with Saint Laurent

Fashion brands do the most avant-garde commercials and videos. Saint Laurent is no exception. French Water, a moody short film for historic French fashion house, was created to showcase...


February 17, 2021

The Role of the COVID Compliance Officer

If we told you in 2020 that a pandemic-specific compliance officer would be the most critical positions on set you would have probably rolled your eyes. But with COVID...